Telkom Kenya Launches Move, a PostPay Plan Packed with Lots of Bundles – for Less

Telkom Move

Telkom MoveAfter its rebrand from Orange to Telkom Kenya, Kenya’s third largest mobile operator has released several products to appeal to a range of demands of the modern mobile phone user. Most of the products are data related, and we have covered some of them in earlier posts, and even went ahead to question the company’s goals as far as multiple mobile plans are concerned.

It should be noted that most of the said products, including Holla and Freedom target prepaid users for obvious reasons. However, and in the spirit keeping post-pay customers in the loop, the telco has released a new offering to appeal to them. Dubbed Telkom Move, the plan offers unlimited on-net calls, thousands of SMS and a substantial amount of data for the cosmopolitan professional.

“Telkom is here to enable Kenyans to discover, explore, experience and engage with and on the Internet, through reliable Internet connectivity on fast speeds, and get value for money on Voice and SMS bundles, all under one bouquet,” says Aldo Mareuse, Telkom’s Chief Executive Officer. “It offers the freedom and peace of mind to go about everyday business without fear of high fees in communicating; socially or work-related,” he adds.

Pricing is as follows:

KES 999 nets users 5GB of data, 300 off-net minutes and 3000 SMS. On-net calls are unlimited.

KES 1,499 is bundled with 10 GB of data, 500 off-net minutes and 3000 SMS. Of course, on-net calls are still unlimited.

KES 2,499 includes 25 GB of data, 800 off-net minutes, 3000 SMS and unlimited Telkom-Telkom calls.

Lastly, KES 4,999 includes 50 gigs of data bundles, 2000 off-net minutes, 3000 SMS and unlimited on-net calls.

Some may draw similarities of the product to the recently launched Safaricom Platinum that we covered here. Interestingly, the plans are markedly different since Platinum is a prepaid product that is complemented by notable pluses. On the other hand, Move is a post-paid offering that packs more bundles (data, minutes and SMS) at an affordable price (KES 1000 to KES 5000).

The mobile operator targets to hit 4 million subscribers this quarter, a goal it aims to meet with appealing products and promotions such as the #FormNi50 campaign that awards lucky Telkom users who top-up daily with a Toyota Belta.


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