You Can Now Access ‘Unlimited’ Internet on Safaricom for a Day

mySafaricom app

mySafaricom appLocal telecoms operators have always tried to entice users with budget-friendly deals, and in a world where internet services are used for entertainment and work, it makes sense why operators try to outshine one another with pro-data products.

A user in our forums has noticed that Safaricom has snuck in a 24-hour unlimited period of 4G browsing for, wait for it, KES 300. At first, this sounded odd, until we went in to substantiate the claim.

The plan is neatly tucked in the Tunukiwa option that can be accessed by pressing *444# on your smart handheld. Afterward, choose ‘Buy Tunukiwa Internet’ and navigate to the end of the page for UNLIMITED 4G valid for 24 hours at KES 300. You can also activate the plan by scrolling down on the Tunikiwa tab on mySafaricom app.

This is good news for people who rely on mobile data for their daily internet activities. It also comes at a good time since the telco’s LTE coverage is extensive, which is not something you can say about rival networks that only offer 4G in a handful of towns. The plan also adds to the already excellent KES 100 4G Tunukiwa data bundle that lasts for three hours.

Safaricom launched Tunukiwa more than 6 months ago to serve a demographic that wants more for less, but with time limitations for obvious reasons. The product has since evolved to package some awesome deals for data, SMS and data.

We are yet to establish how the bundle works since ‘unlimited’ is not really unlimited owing to bandwidth caps and the argument that data is a limited resource. Users are not allowed to overtax poor ol’ Safaricom data mines because finding sufficient labour to dig up those tasty data nuggets that we all crave is challenging.

While spending KES 300 on data for a day is an expensive affair for most of us, we cannot ignore the perks of the deal like admirable speeds and reliability in many parts of the country. So, go out there and enjoy the service while it lasts, and quit crying about time limitations because while data isn’t finite, bandwidth is.


  1. This will be great for when Zuku is down and you want to behave like nothing is wrong, nice find. Also available in the Turnukiwa section of the mySafaricom app

    • Faiba has slowed down massively for me most in most areas in the last few weeks. More 3g than 4g getting 5Mbps, takin ages to stream video and download files, ready to dump the 2nd SIM and put the SD card back in my phone

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