Little Now Lets You Book Cabs on the Web

Little cab web


Little Cabs is one of the many ride sharing companies that we have on the Kenyan market and is among the few that are locally grown. They have improved their app experience over time and adding new ride options, but this next feature will make it easier to hail cabs if you are not on your phone.

Little recently announced that you will now be able to hail cabs on the web. This feature is not particularly new on the market, but it is a cool feature nonetheless.

When you go to their website, there is a new tab written Book a Ride which when pressed opens a new menu on the right. The website requires you to give it permission to your location (if you’re on Windows 10, you can help it further by turning on location). Afterwards, you can set your pick up location, enter your destination, add your phone number and choose the type of Little ride you’d like to hail.

little cab

This will show you the estimate cost of the ride, the distance and the estimated time of the trip. There is a map at the bottom that shows you the expected trip itinerary.

Little has joined MaraMoja and Uber in offering its users an alternative way of hailing a cab right from the web. This can be used quite well if let’s say you’re in the office and you’d want to hail a cab without necessarily using your phone. The ride share market is incredibly competitive nowadays and it is imperative for players to put out useful features to implore


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