How to do a Reverse Phone Lookup

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There are plenty of reasons why you might want to investigate a phone number. Most people do this when they receive a call from a number they do not recognize. If you want to find out who is the person behind the phone number, you will need to do a little research of your own.

Today we are going to share with you one of the best methods to do that: reverse phone lookup. This is a way of discovering a phone number by typing it into a directory or a search engine. It is one of the simplest techniques and today we will show you everything you need to know about it. While you can use various search engines, today we will focus on Google.

Using Google for phone lookups

Reverse phone lookup is something that can be done easily with the help of Google. A few years ago Google had its phonebook search operator. However, back in 2010 it was shut down because many persons did not want to find themselves in Google’s index.

However, you can still use Google in order to find a phone number. Here is one way to do that:

  • Get the phone number and type it into Google’s search box. Make sure that you also include the area code for the number.
  • The way Google lists phone numbers is not the best one after it was changed. This means that the number will be listed at different phone directories.
  • You should know that the top results usually display numbers that are related to businesses. This means that if the phone number you are looking for belongs to a business, you should see that business in the first five results.
  • Nonetheless, you should know that if the phone number belongs to a household you won’t see the address in the first results. You might find it if that person has already placed that number online. There is a chance that the phone number will show up on a social networking site.

Finding addresses or phone numbers

There is other important information that you can find on Google. If you want to find more info about a person it might help to search the name of that person, as well as the zip code. For example, you could try typing “John Smith 93205”.

By doing this you might find some useful details, including the phone number or address. In some situations, you might even find Google Maps directions for their household. However, it is not certain that the person has its info online.

If you want to be sure that your info does not show up on Google, you can try to go to the Google Phonebook Name Removal page. There you can make sure that your personal information is removed. However, just because you delete it from that page, this does not mean that your information won’t remain stored on the Web. You should check to see whether you have listed your number on other sites.