Telkom Kenya 4G Double Data Bundles: Specifics and How to Subscribe


Data bundles are tasty nuggets that allow us to get access to the internet from the comfort of our homes and smartphones. However, they have, traditionally, been priced higher than what most people are willing to pay for. The importance of the resource keeps appreciating, particularly thanks to the extensive adoption of smartphones even in remote parts of the country.

The growth has, for the most part, made people more aware of the best data bundle deals as provided by local carriers. However, picking the best package remains a challenge, because 1) some mobile operators have robust coverage in select regions, hence, limiting and 2) some telecom operators that reliably serve their customers charge way more than the not-so-robust competitors.

Telkom Kenya has tried to strike the balance between the two extremes; provide well-priced bundles while trying to up its coverage. It has done a fair a job in pushing this agenda that mostly appeals to young people who are hooked on their smart handhelds.

One key question that we have been asked is in regard to doubling of 4G data bundles, a great deal if you ask me. Notably, not all data bundles that are purchased from the carrier are doubled. When the promotion went live for the first time in mid-December (2017), the entire set of Freedom Bundles qualified for a twofold prize.

A later resurrection of the promotion, which went live in early May limited double offerings to monthly Freedom bundles. The specifics of the campaign are discussed in this post. Summarily, they cost from KES 249 to KES 2999 for a single gig and 30 GB respectively.

Save for the cheapest bundle of the group, the promotion is spiced up with free Telkom to Telkom calls.


Chances are that your preferred device for accessing the internet is Android-powered. Thus, the best way to subscribe to the 4G double data is via the MyTelkom app, which we have looked into in previous posts. In addition to pinpointing the exact bundle that is complemented by additional data (admittedly, Telkom has a comprehensive array of bundles to confuse subscribers), the app gives you an overview of your SIM information in a simple interface.

My TelkomOr, you could just dial *544#.

The app can be downloaded here.