Microsoft Github
(From left) Chris Wanstrath, Github CEO; Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO and GitHub co-founder, Nat Friedman

Microsoft Github

Over the weekend, news broke that Microsoft would acquire code-repository company GitHub. Today, Washington-based Microsoft confirmed the news and disclosed that they forked out $7.5 Billion in a stock deal. GitHub, which is a darling to many software developers as they use the platform to collaborate and even as a portfolio of their work, was last valued at $2 billion back in 2015.

Following the news, was an uproar by a section of developers and persons involved, concerned that Microsoft would “kill” GitHub. A couple of theories emerged, most of them based on the dark days of Microsoft, where the company and anything open source would not see eye-to-eye.

Some of the theories are downright crazy while others actually shed some light on underlying trust issues that Microsoft has with developers and its customers. The crazy theories ranged from developers claiming that Microsoft would only allow GitHub access via Edge to people just making fun of how Clippy would be making a come back as an assistant on GitHub. Hey, there’s even a theory of how Microsoft will use GitHub to steal ideas from developers since they will have access to the repositories.

Here are a few tweets on how devs forsee the future of GitHub under Microsoft:

One guy, Mat Velloso, who according to his unverified Twitter profile is the Technical Advisor to Microsoft’s CTO, had quite a lot to say about the theories:

And yeah, he does have some puns of his own:

As developers were busy making noise how GitHub should not have sold its soul to the devil (read Microsoft), there were a few people who actually saw the good in it:

Then there was this guy with the parting shot:


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