Google Removed Egg From Salad Emoji and Twitter Wants a Fight

google egg salad emoji


Emojis are a huge part of our texting culture and they have shaped how we express various feelings and emotions to other people around the world. As we continue to progress over the years, we have seen people demand more inclusion on emojis like different races and  occupation, while some heated discussions are all about something being removed from an emoji.

The last part right there has been happening to Google of late and now we have a new fiasco. On Twitter, people were complaining of the fact that Google decided to remove an egg from the salad emoji.

Google removed the egg from the salad emoji from the Android P beta 2 as shown from the tweet above by Google’s UX manager, Jennifer Daniel. The move was apparently to make it more ‘inclusive’. Unlike typical vegetarians, vegans don’t take any animal products and the move makes sense in a way. However, some people didn’t have the same view.

This is ridiculous

That went political fast

This person had other ideas

And of course we had trolls

Google has been under fire before about its ideas on emojis. In their previous burger emoji, they placed the cheese under the patty, which was met with angry tweets all over. They later on changed it to a more believable model.

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