Twitter Erupted After England Was Knocked From the World Cup

england knocked from world cup

The World Cup is about to end and it has not disappointed at all. There has been drama since the group stages upto the current status of knowing who will be in the semi-final. People have been keeping up or posting content about the World Cup in the past one month and Twitter is one of the best ways to see their reaction live when it happens.

England has been one of the surprising teams in the World Cup. They managed to reach the semi-finals, which is not a small feat by any measure. The performance of the rather young team has made England hopeful and Britons started using the its coming home phrase on social media.

However in their semi final clash against a determined Croatia yesterday, England lost 1-2 to Croatia despite them leading 1-0 for a huge chunk of the match. The loss led to a collective meltdown by fans on Twitter as well as scorn from people who were supporting Croatia

This was unnecessary

This is incredibly savage

When you realize it is not coming home

More memes

That is the most British thing ever

The parody account to the Queen of England was having the time of its life during the match

However, a good chunk of tweets were in support of the England team congratulating them for their efforts in the World Cup.

This sign from Nottingham is gold

Starting with the Royal Family

And their National Broadcaster

And of course from their main Twitter account

The much loved British announcer, Peter Drury was also not spared either. Drury has become a star of his own right thanks to his passionate and poetic level comments during the game and after England lost, people either loved his comments or went after him.

Croatia are through to the final

He was reading an eulogy

And they started coming for him

He was probably crying 


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