Internet Solutions Kenya Eyes SMEs With New Cloud Email Product

IS Kenya


IS KenyaThe cloud.

The buzzword has become commonplace in our daily lives, especially in the business world. If you use Google Photos, then you are a consumer of cloud services. For businesses entities, it runs deeper than that as the solution has proved critical in automating workloads so that people can get access to their work from virtually any part of the world using the Internet.

Part of the cloud’s feature set is reliable email functionality, which is obviously an absolute must for businesses in the modern world.  Admittedly, businesses that have invested heavily in internal email services that are housed on their own servers find their solutions functional, but modern cloud-based solutions have proved superior in terms of scalability and flexibility that in-house, server-based options. The offerings of cloud emails are unquestionably more efficient; no server maintenance is needed, access is unified – anywhere, disaster recovery is streamlined and collaborative work is done more easily especially for teams that work remotely.

These are some of the motivations behind Internet Solutions Kenya’s new product – a cost-effective, integrated cloud email service that has been curated for SMEs. The company calls the service ‘Integrated Email Solution’, and will include the advantages mentioned above. It will be deployed in collaboration with South Africa’s SYNAQ, an open source email management company where Internet Solutions has a majority stake.


  • Spam-free 25GB mailbox
  • Shared calendar and contacts
  • Global email lists
  • Individual distribution lists
  • Conversation views
  • File storage
  • Native archiving

The service is compatible with the most common email clients such as Outlook. It also packs full and free Blackberry Enterprise Server integration for improved workflow mobility. Clients can also synchronize video and teleconference meetings with calendar events.


“This integrated cloud mail solution offers a single platform for collaboration, e-mail functionality, security and archiving at the lowest possible price. Our service comes with an end-to-end service level agreement (SLA) that ensures enterprise-grade service with a guarantee of 99.9 percent uptime and the assurance that companies’ e-mail is appropriately protected from viruses, phishing attacks and spam,” said Internet Solutions Managing Director Richard Hechle.

“At a very competitive price, organizations can take advantage of all the capabilities offered by cloud computing while ensuring that e-mail, security and archiving needs are met. With our proactive Software-as-a-Service approach to email security, Secure e-mail is a counter against new viruses and spamming tactics as they emerge around the world, and filters email-borne spam and viruses before they reach corporate networks,” he added.