Kenyans Obsessed with Croatian President, Tennis and Pony Videos?

Pony Videos

Pony VideosJuly was a very eventful month across the world. We had the world cup that had its own surprises, the recent lunar eclipse and unfortunate events that turned to happy moments like the Thailand cave rescue. With such numerous events, comes a lot of internet searches to keep up with whatever is going on and last month’s results reveal quite a lot about Kenyans.

Google has released a list of the top searches done by Kenyans in the month of July and the list is an evidence of the love we have for soap operas and surprisingly, pony videos as well.

According to Google, the WorldCup dominated the first half of July with the most searched match being France vs Belgium, Russia vs Croatia, Brazil vs Belgium, England vs Croatia and the Final match, France vs Croatia. Speaking of Croatia, Kenyans could not resist and propelled Croatia’s president, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, to be the third most searched on Google in Kenya, behind the Lunar eclipse.

Following the Croatian president closely was the term, “sexiest woman alive” with Kenya’s own Ruth Kamandem who was sentenced to death after the High Court ruled that she deliberately stabbed her boyfriend to death in 2015 taking up the fifth spot as the most searched in July.

The results also reveal an unprecedented love for Tennis among Kenyans as the 2018 Wimbledon Championship occupied the sixth position among the top searches. Another surprising term on the list was item number seven, “pony videos 2018”, which suggest that we either have a lot of kids with internet access or Kenyans are just babies on the inside.

My Sweet Curse, a new telenovela on Citizen TV took up the next spot with Alex Mwakideu, a popular radio journalist who recently quit Radio Maisha to join Milele FM was the ninth most searched item by Kenyans, as Thailand cave rescue closed up the top ten list.

Google also released a list of most searched “How To” terms and the results were as follows:

  1. How to check KPLC bill
  2. How to withdraw from Sportpesa
  3. How to buy tokens
  4. How to pray
  5. How to cook spaghetti
  6. How to cook fish
  7. How to remove black spots on face