Infinix Hot S3 X

Infinix Hot S3 XAside from the over promising name that Infinix have given the device, the S3X looks like a smartphone that will attract quite the attention, whether positive or negative, we’re yet to know.

First things first, the name is Hot-S-Three-X and yes, this will be the company’s first notched device and we do agree that notch looks a lot like the iPhone X’s, just like every other Android smartphone out there.

Before we proceed, it seems like the intriguing name will overshadow the controversial notch, if an internal poll we conducted on our Telegram Channel is anything to go by. 47% of the people who responded found the name to be sort of absurd, while 31% are actually looking forward to the device.

The Infinix Hot S3X comes with a 6.2-inch display, yes, that phone is quite large and it is sad that it maxes out at 720p – geeks are going to have a field day with this one. There’s a new dual camera setup on the back, that possibly features a 13MP lens coupled up with a 2MP lens solely for depth sensing meaning this device will be capable of portrait shots just as we saw on the Infinix Hot 6 Pro.

Infinix Hot S3X

The selfie camera will most likely be a 16MP shooter, which is expected as this is an S series smartphone and thus the focus is on the selfies but this does not mean that other specs get forgotten. Sources point to 3GB RAM bundled on the phone, with 32GB of internal storage and a Snapdragon 430 processor.

Like every other Infinix smartphone, the spec sheet is not complete without a huge battery. The Infinix Note 5 came with a 4500mAh battery but the Hot S3X will most likely cut that down to 4000mAh so as not to steal the endurance crown from the Note.

There’s no official word on the launch date but we expect it to be soon, possibly before the end of August. Pricewise, the Infinix Hot S3X will definitely be around Kes.20,000 as has been the tradition but I would not be worried much about the price as the disappointment has already been brought forth by the lack of Android One meaning we’re back to XUI but will Infinix surprise us and launch the device with Android 9.0 Pie?


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