Safaricom Commits to Assist Customers Manage Data and Reimburse If that Fails

Bob Collymore
Bob Collymore, CEO, Safaricom

Bob Collymore

During Safaricom’s 10th Annual General Meeting, the CEO, Bob Collymore, announced that the company was working on measures to improve the data experience of its customers through an improved data manager that would launch in the coming months, alongside new data packages that are said to be in line with customers needs.

“We have received numerous complaints from our customers that their data is being depleted too fast giving them a bad experience. My commitment to our customers going forward is that we will deliver a more transparent and user-friendly data experience,” said Bob Collymore.

The CEO explained that among the measures put to improve the user experience when it comes to mobile data usage, Safaricom will soon allow users to select their preferred internet speeds while browsing.

Above this, Safaricom will make improvements on their current data manager that will allow users to disable automatic Google Play updates while on mobile data, which Bob says has been one of the major sources of customer complaints. The new data manager will also notify users of any abnormal spikes in data usage and interestingly, Safaricom has committed to reimbursing customers’ data bundles if these new measures fail and data is depleted unexpectedly.

Curbing SIM Fraud

“SIM fraud has been a huge pain point for our customers and we have taken these concerns very seriously. Our customers remain at the centre of everything that we do and in the next couple of months, we will put in place measures that will help us address this issue as we also work closely with DCI and the police,” said Bob Collymore.

A while back Safaricom revealed their plans to use biometrics such as fingerprint and facial recognition to validate SIM swap requests. On top of this, Safaricom will temporarily suspend M-Pesa transactions on your line after a SIM Swap request is approved. This is meant to prevent fraudsters from accessing customer’s funds held in M-Pesa accounts.

There’s no definite timeline that has been given for these new features, all we know is that they will be reaching customers in the coming months.


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