Safaricom New Data Bundles

Safaricom New Data BundlesSafaricom has announced a new bundle offering meant to be an answer to their customers. Following the now popular Bob Collymore line, “you spoke, we listened”, the company has rebundled its mobile data offering across the board.

The new data bundles are as follows:

Daily Data Bundle (24Hrs validity)

  • Kes. 20 for 50MB + 50 SMS
  • Kes. 50 for 150MB + 150 SMS
  • Kes. 99 for 500MB + 500 SMS

Weekly Data Bundle (7 days validity)

  • Kes. 99 for 350MB
  • Kes. 250 for 1GB
  • Kes. 500 for 3GB

Monthly Data Bundle (30 days validity)

  • Kes. 500 for 2GB
  • Kes. 1000 for 5GB
  • Kes. 2000 for 15GB
  • Kes. 3000 for 25GB

Blaze subscribers also get revamped data bundles and by the look of things, they are the real winners here:

Daily Blaze Data Bundle

  • Kes. 20 for 70MB + 70 SMS
  • Kes. 50 for 200MB + 200 SMS
  • Kes. 100 for 1GB + 200 SMS

Weekly Blaze Data Bundle 

  • Kes. 100 for 350MB
  • Kes. 250 for 1GB
  • Kes. 500 for 4GB

Monthly Blaze Data Bundle

  • Kes. 500 for 3GB
  • Kes. 1000 for 7.5GB
  • Kes. 2000 for 20GB

Platinum packages also got a similar treatment with the new bundle offerings for both pre-pay and post-pay subscribers:

Platinum 1K

  • Pre-Pay: 4GB + 200 Minutes + Unlimited SMS
  • Post-Pay: 5GB + 300 Minutes + Unlimited SMS

Platinum 2K

  • Pre-Pay: 12GB + 400 Minutes + Unlimited SMS
  • Post-Pay: 15GB + 600 Minutes + Unlimited SMS

Platinum 3K

  • Pre-Pay: 20GB + 600 Minutes + Unlimited SMS
  • Post-Pay: 25GB + 1000 Minutes + Unlimited SMS

Platinum 5K

  • Pre-Pay: 35GB + 1000 Minutes + Unlimited SMS + 40 International Minutes
  • Post-Pay: 50GB + 1500 Minutes + Unlimited SMS + 40 International Minutes

Platinum 10K

  • Pre-Pay: 40GB + 1500 Minutes + Unlimited SMS + 100 International Minutes
  • Post-Pay: 100GB + 2000 Minutes + Unlimited SMS + 100 International Minutes

All the bundles across the board will come packed with unlimited WhatsApp usage which is accessible only after your data bundles run out. The validity of the free WhatsApp is equal to the validity of the data bundle.

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  1. From a consumers point of view, I didn’t see the need of scrapping the 1GB bundle which used to retail at 99/-. They could’ve enhanced it to 2GB at the same price, then allow free whatsapp and twitter or facebook.

  2. Okay first of all there is nothing like unlimited whatsapp for the 100 ksh. They just simply cut down the bundles for the same price. Had you asked the market like you ‘always’ do or seen our activities you would have seen we use the bundles different reasons and for different apps that we were streaming that don’t necessarily involve whatsapp. Congratulations again safaricom for proving that gaining another year of profit for less the service is your main agenda.

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