Nokia 3-1 buy

Nokia 3-1 buyTruly Safaricom is listening or maybe they just didn’t expect the backlash that would come with the company pulling a disappearing act on the much loved Giga bundle that was introduced during the World Cup season.

The Giga bundle, which gives subscribers access to 1GB of data for Kes. 99 for 24 hours went hiatus after Safaricom revamped their mobile data offerings to better suit customer demands.

Clearly, this was a wrong move as Kenyans took to social media to express their disapproval of this move. The new data bundles were much welcomed but not at the expense of the Giga Bundle.

As from this morning, mother green has made an unexpected move and availed the Giga Bundle back to subscribers. Available under the Daily Bundle offerings, subscribers can dial *544# and subscribe to the bundle.

The 10GB weekly Giga Bundle has also gotten a second chance at survival. The weekly Giga Bundle offers 10GB of data for Kes. 999. This bundle is accessible through *544# under the weekly offerings.

This move, coupled with the new data offerings that come bundled with free WhatsApp after the bundle is depleted will surely give the competition, who have always had an upper hand when it comes to data offerings, something to think about.


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