Sweden Ends Curation on Twitter Account By Citizens After 7 Years

Sweden Twitter handle

One of the best things about any form of social network is how people find interesting ways to use it. On Twitter, we have seen plenty of examples of how people have used the medium to communicate in various ways, and one of it was the @sweden Twitter.

The Scandinavian country has its own verified Twitter handle @sweden which various Swedes used to share their experiences each week. Now that ended yesterday night after 7 glorious years on the run.

This project was launched in December of 2011 by Visit Sweden and the Swedish Institute with the goal of increasing interest and knowledge about Sweden around the world. Well that clearly has worked for them as you can imagine people have learnt a lot about Sweden from the project. This project has won several awards, two Silver Lions at Cannes, International Grand Prix and the Clio Awards so you can say in some way it has been a success.

You may be wondering why they decided to shut down the project. “The reason why we chose to end the concept is that its geographic reach is simply not enough,” Annna Rudels, head of the department of digitization and communications at the Swedish Institute told the Local. “The Swedish Institute job is to communicate with the rest of the world about Sweden and in order to succeed, we need a wide reach.”

Well the project finally ends with 365 people running the account each per week for the past 7 years and it is kinda sad it had to be terminated.


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