WhatsApp Finally Gets Stickers and They Are Coming Soon

They are not immediately available

whatsapp announces stickers

We usually express ourselves during chatting in many ways: via emoticons (:D) or emojis or GIFS and even stickers. That last one was in chatting apps like Telegram for a while now and now they have finally been added to WhatsApp.

Today, WhatsApp has announced that they are now launching sticker packs created by their designers as well as a selection from other artists for the platform.

Also just like Telegram Messenger, they have added support for third party sticker packs which will allow developers globally to create stickers for WhatsApp. However unlike Telegram’s implementation, your stickers will b published on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store for people to download and use them.

Using these stickers is easy as you might expect. Just tap on the new sticker button and select the one that you want to share to your friend(s) and you can add more by tapping the plus icon.

WhatsApp also detailed a FAQ to those developers and designers who would want to create stickers for WhatsApp. Some of these specific requirements include:

  • They have to be legal, authorized and acceptable
  • Each sticker should be an image with a transparent background
  • Stickers should be exactly 512×512 pixels
  • Stickers should be less than 100KB
  • Sticker thumbnail to represent the sticker pack should be 96×96 pixels and less than 50KB

The introduction of stickers and sticker packs is cool for WhatsApp. Stickers are a fun way of expressing yourself in chats and has proven to be quite popular in some chatting apps like Telegram.

Stickers on WhatsApp will be available on Android and iPhone over the next coming weeks so we just have to wait a bit to use them.