3D Memes are the Future thanks to Facebook’s 3D Photos


Memes are a popular form of content that we see on social networking sites and they come in various forms: videos, photos, GIFs and many other formats.

However, a majority of them share one thing in common: They are in 2D. You are not able to sense ‘depth’ from the meme and this is partly due to the fact we don’t have 3D displays as standard and the actual format of the meme.

This is about to change thanks to Facebook 3D photos. Facebook announced 3D photos this month, which is a new way to bring life to your photos so that they have sense of depth and movement. If you use a compatible dual lens smartphone, you’ll be able to share 3D photos on Facebook and your friends will be able to experience it by scrolling, panning and tilting the photos.

Well, some people are using that feature in a different way: 3D Memes. There are Facebook pages that are shared some cool 3D memes that should catch on for real.

On PC, you can pan around or tilt the image by using your mouse or touchpad. If you want to zoom on it for some reason, hit the shift key and do a zoom gesture on your touchpad or scroll wheel if you’re using a mouse. This is way easier on our smartphones since you only need to touch around the image to pan or zoom and if you want to tilt, you only need to tilt your phone.

Say goodbye to boring regular old memes…it said. Like this one is a 3D remake of the distracted boyfriend meme

Even the classic doge meme. Much depth

The future is now 

Others even include Trump.

And of course the moth meme which is always funny.