Someone Embedded Shakespeare’s Entire Collection in a JPEG on Twitter

this is blowing my mind

william shakespeare twitter jpeg

Twitter Q2 2017

One of the best things about Twitter is how sometimes you think you’ve seen everything and that notion is usually disapproved everytime. Well this next case is really clever and shows how Twitter can have its moments.

A guy called David Buchanan on Twitter tweeted this early in the morning and frankly it has been blowing my mind since.

This guy was able to save the complete works of Shakespeare in a JPEG file on Twitter, which is frankly something you’d never guess that you’d wake up to see anytime.

If you look at the tweet, it shows a thumbnail of William Shakespeare with a message written UNZIP ME. When you save the file normally, it is displayed as a JPEG file, but here is the kicker: That is not how you’ll be able to access the files.

In order for you to do this, you’ll need to save the file as a .zip file. On your desktop, just right click on the image, click save as and save the name by adding a .zip at the end. This will save the file as a compressed file.

You’ll also need a program that extracts compressed files and in my case I used 7zip. When you extract the file, it shows you the complete works of Shakespeare, which are all compressed files too, which is incredible.

The entire extracted complete works of William Shakespeare

When I extracted the first .rar file using 7zip, it revealed the Chrome HTML file which when you click, it shows the entire catalog that you can read in your spare time.

This is so cool and the guy who did it thought it was a bug. Apparently he reported this to Twitter’s bounty program but apparently it is not a bug. Well, I hope it is not used for unscrupulous means.