Safaricom Fiber Customers Can Now Conveniently Opt in For Home Insurance

This is a brilliant partnership

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Safaricom Fiber packages new pricing

Safaricom has announced an interesting product that is tied to their home fiber offerings and it is something you’d never thought would be bundled together.

The surprise is that you can also add home insurance into the mix, which is something unprecedented and really smart.

This is an upgrade to the optional Internet plus package they announced less than two months ago that bundled home fiber, mobile data, ‘x-minutes’ and SMS as one neat bundle. These are the same prices that we reported when Safaricom revised their Home Fiber package prices after the introduction of the new taxes.

ServiceBronze PlusSilver PlusGold PlusDiamond Plus
Bandwidth5 Mbps10 Mbps20 Mbps40 Mbps
Mobile Data2GB4GB4GB4GB
Mobile X-net minutes100200200200
Mobile SMSUnlimited*UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Total CostKES 3,400KES 4,999KES 6,699KES 12,499

However, the new thing is the home insurance optional package, which you can bundle with your home fiber bill, which is great news to be honest. Here are the home insurance premiums you’d pay versus the sum insured.

PlanSum Insured (Home Contents)Sum Insured (High Risk Items like Phones, Laptops, Jewelry)Monthly Premium
HeroKES 250,000KES 75,000KES 250
ProKES 500,000KES 150,000KES 475
FortifiedKES 1,000,000KES 300,000KES 1,350

Safaricom is offering this home insurance package in partnership with Jubilee Insurance, which is targeting the over 213,000 customers Safaricom Fiber has currently. The most interesting about this home insurance plan is that you do not need to compile an inventory of the household good that will benefit from the policy, which is highly unusual.

The other interesting bit about the home insurance packages is that they have separated home insurance into two distinct packages: Regular Home Contents and High Risk Items. The high risk items are phones, laptops, jewelry and among others which are more likely to be stolen compared to others.

To subscribe for the home insurance package, you only need to dial *400# and select ‘Manage Subscriptions’ and you’ll see it as a separate option.

This is actually a brilliant move by Jubilee Insurance to access a rapidly growing market and offer them affordable Insurance for their houses. Insurance penetration in Kenya is pretty low and maybe this move by partnering with Safaricom could give them an edge over the others. An optional home insurance package to go with your usual fiber package seems like a win win project for the two companies.

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