Safaricom Home Fiber Users Get Optional Internet Plus Package Bundled With Mobile Data and More

Safaricom Home Fibre

Safaricom Home FibreSafaricom has been on a roll recently, releasing new products every other day in what the company terms as responding to their customers’ needs. The latest product off the Twaweza train is targeted at Safaricom Home Fibre users.

The service which has been gaining traction slowly across the country has connected over 48,000 households with an internet connection and has laid over 5,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable. The new Safaricom Home packages will be accessible to existing and new users.

At the moment, Safaricom Home offers internet packages of 5mbps (Bronze), 10mbps (Silver), 20mbps (Gold) and 40mbps (Platinum). The new Internet Plus packages will be built on top of these existing packages but offer additional mobile data, talk time and SMS. The Internet Plus packages are as follows:

  • Bronze: 5mbps + 2GB mobile data + 100 on-net minutes + unlimited SMS at Kes.3,000
  • Silver: 10mbps + 4GB mobile data + 200 on-net minutes + unlimited SMS at Kes.4,499
  • Gold: 20mbps + 4GB mobile data + 200 on-net minutes + unlimited SMS at Kes.5,999
  • Platinum: 40mbps + 4GB mobile data + 200 on-net minutes + unlimited SMS at Kes.10,999

Safaricom Home Internet Plus

The new packages are already available and can be accessed through USSD *400#. As part of the packages, customers have the option to either keep the data, minutes and SMS to themselves or sambaza all of them to another Safaricom user, not necessarily a Safaricom Home subscriber.

Despite the SMS being labelled as “unlimited”, it will be under a fair usage policy which could mean that there’s a ceiling of how many SMSs one can send, this is to prevent abuse.


    • how is this wasting money ? safaricom have really tried with this fiber rollout.look at how they are making zuku sweat.

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