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It Shouldn’t Be This Difficult To Get An Internet Connection

Let's start with a few disclaimers and disclosures.  First, the opinions and experiences shared herein are solely the author's, personally experienced and do not represent...

Japan Now Offers 10,000Mbps Fiber For Roughly KES 6,350 a Month

When it comes to the Internet, faster is always better. Faster data speeds means that we get to either download or upload much more...
zuku fiber price hike

Zuku Hikes Fiber Prices But Absorbs Tax For New Customers

Zuku is the leading fiber to the home provider in Kenya has increased the cost of their internet products. The ISP is facing stiff...
Safaricom Fiber

Safaricom Home Fiber Prices Go Up Significantly After Revision

Safaricom announced a revision of their rates on various service yesterday, which included voice, SMS and data and also it includes another service: Fiber. The...
Safaricom Home Fibre

Safaricom Home Fiber Users Get Optional Internet Plus Package Bundled With Mobile Data and More

Safaricom has been on a roll recently, releasing new products every other day in what the company terms as responding to their customers' needs....

Facebook Is Planning To Lay Nearly 800km Of Fiber Cable In Uganda – Report

Facebook has always had plans on Africa as a potential market for more subscribers and this latest move attests to that. According to Recode, Facebook announced...

Kenya Government seeks Private Sector Partnership in Increasing Fibre Optic Outlay

The government is seeking  to partner with  private sector players to complete the National Optic Fibre Backbone Infrastructure (NOFBI) according to ICT CS Joe...

Liquid Telecom completes Garissa’s First Fiber Optic Network

Liquid Telecom has completed a 21 kilometer fibre network in the Garissa County CBD ultimately becoming the county's first Metro Fiber optic network. The...