Japan Now Offers 10,000Mbps Fiber For Roughly KES 6,350 a Month

That's not a typo


When it comes to the Internet, faster is always better. Faster data speeds means that we get to either download or upload much more quickly. No one likes waiting for stuff to download or upload quickly.

The problem is the fact that fast Internet is not cheap. Well that is not the case in Japan where they have a ridiculously fast Internet plan for the same price as a 20Mb/s connection in Kenya.

Japan’s Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) recently announced that they have increased their transmission speeds to 10Gbps. This is insane since most people around the world including the ones in developed countries are even lucky to get 1Gbps.

NTT was quick to point out that the 10Gbps figure is the theoretical maximum and the actual maximum speeds. They said that the maximum value of the true speed will be about 10% lower than the maximum value of the technical standard. The speed will also depend on the environment and line congetion.

The increased speeds will require a special router that is free if you install it yourself but if installed by NTT will cost 1650 yen (Kshs 1500) for installation and will cost an extra 500 yen (Kshs 458) a month to use it. However, NTT will require a 19,800 yen (Kshs 18,137) initial fee to set it up but who cares, you’ll be getting 10Gbps speeds.

NTT says that people need such fast data speeds to enjoy content like 4K or 8K video, online gaming or using VR or AR.

The best thing about this entire setup is the price NTT is charging to use the service. They will charge 6,930 yen a month including tax which is roughly KES 6,350 a month. That is insane since Kenyans pay more for Zuku’s 50Mbps plan which costs Kshs 6,799. If you add the cost of using the router, it matches up with Zuku’s plan yet you are getting 200 times the speeds.

NTT will launch this service in Tokyo and Osaka from April 1st 2020 and in Nagoya from June 1st 2020.

Japan is no stranger to pushing tech forward. Their national broadcaster, NHK announced in December of 2018 that they will start broadcasting in 8K. The upcoming Olympics in Japan will be broadcasted in 8K too so that kind of fiber for the home will be an important thing to have.