Telkom Kenya’s New Health App Set to Help People with High Blood Pressure and Diabetes


AMER ATWI (MD-MOBILE DIVISION TELKOM),Dr.EPHANTUS M. MAREE (DEPUTY DIREC...Telkom Kenya has launched a health app in partnership with Baobab Circle, a firm that uses mobile technology to address the burden of chronic diseases in Africa. The new app targets folks with high blood pressure issues and diabetes.

Christened Afya Pap, the app, which has been downloaded more than 1000 time in Google Play Store, is exclusively available for Telkom Kenya subscribers. Functionally, it will help mitigate increasing cases of the aforementioned health concerns by offering daily and customized tips on managing the conditions.

According to Baobab Circle, the app is packed with crucial health features such as regular health tips that educate users on all elements of a healthy lifestyle such as physical activity, diet, sexual and mental wellness, to mention a few. Moreover, Afya Pap functions as a measurement tool for allows users to grasp, store and access their blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Afya Pap promises that logged in medical data will be kept private, in addition to access to health professionals such as nutritionists, nurses, doctors and sports scientists through direct questions.

Telkom Kenya users can access the service through access code *727#.

Speaking during the app’s launch, Baobab’s Circle CEO Dr Precious Lunga highlighted the development as the first of its kind in the country’s health and technology landscape that aims to address the danger of unmanaged high blood pressure and diabetes.

“At Baobab Circle we’re committed to tackling this head-on by addressing the gaps that currently exist in modern medicine and empowering our users to do the best for their health by equipping them with the tools and information that they need. We are proud to be launching this service alongside Telkom and cannot wait to see the good we can do for the people of Kenya together,” mentioned Dr Lunga.

“Our steady investment in technology that is geared to improve Kenyan lives extends our ability to tap into the power of our services, to make a demonstrable difference in many areas of our customers’ lives. Afya Pap offers a breakthrough consultative solution that will change the way diabetes and hypertension health care is delivered in Kenya,” said Telkom Kenya’s MD for Mobile.


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