Tecno Camon 11 Camera (2)TECNO recently launched their latest camera-centric phones – the Camon 11 and the Camon 11 Pro. The TECNO Camon 11 selfie camera packs impressive specs for a budget that gives mid-range phones a run for their money. The camera itself is a 16MP shooter that comes with a LED flash too, on top of this, TECNO has gone ahead to pack software-based features that are meant to enhance the camera experience on the Camon 11.

We have had the device for a while now, taking selfies and getting ’em likes, so here are some features to expect:

AI-Powered selfiesTecno Camon 11 Camera (3)

AI has been a buzz in 2018 especially in the phone cameras category with almost every phone launching this year packing this feature. What it simply means is that the camera recognizes a scene and automatically adjusts the camera settings so that it takes the best picture.

However, the AI experience on the Camon 11 is a bit more salted than this as it enables even more features that push the limits of the Camon 11 selfie camera. The selfies come out pretty decent and you can share them effortlessly on your favourite social media platforms either WhatsApp Status or Instagram Stories.

Bokeh Mode

In layman’s language, this mode shoots portrait selfies that come out with background blur to look like the photo was shot using a DSLR camera. The Camon 11 has no secondary lens on the front, it, therefore, uses a re-mosaic algorithm to separate the foreground from the background, then applies a blur to the background. The edge-detection is spot on but you won’t miss a few rough edges as this is not perfect.Camon 11 Selfie

Beauty Mode

With the AI technology behind the camera, expect more accurate facial recognition capability, topped up with a variety of filters to enhance your selfies. TECNO’s AI beauty has the ability to recognize up to 240 points on your face and adjust camera settings to match the skin tone and lighting to deliver impressive shots. You can select which range you want to be beautified too.

Wide Selfie

The wide selfie mode simply allows you to take group shots and capture the fun with your friends who always complain of being cropped out during group selfies. The implementation is wanting since you have to take a panoramic shot to achieve this, a secondary wide angle lens would have been perfect but…


Aside from the selfie camera which was a delight to use, the TECNO Camon 11 is fairly priced and at its budget tier brings more to the table and is actually a steal – our full review is coming soon. Meanwhile, here’s our first impressions of the TECNO Camon 11.


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