You may have heard of Showmax, the video streaming site that offers you hours and hours of international and local content on their repository.

This coming weekend, there is a cosplay even happening in Nairobi and Showmax is the title sponsor of the event.

The event, MJX Cosplay Tournament will be held at Garden City mall where you can come dressed as your favourite superhero and listen on Q&A’s and panels, just like how they do it at Comic-Con.

Some of Showmax’s brand ambassadors will go dressed as characters from the Handmaid’s Tale, Indiana Jones and Kill Bill, which are shows you can watch if you are a Showmax subscribers.

The Handmaid’s Tale

These type of convention also feature exclusive screenings of shows that are coming soon and this event is no different. Look out for a screening of the first two episodes of a comedy/sci-fi series called Future Man that is being streamed first and only on Showmax.

The great thing about cosplays is that they are only limited by your mind and you can draw inspiration from series you watch on Showmax. This includes popular series like Game of Thrones  or The Handmaid’s Tale, Doctor Who, Arrow, Flash, Westworld, Teen Wolf, The Magicians and much more.

If you are interested in attending the event, check out details about the MJX Cosplay Tournament here.

If you want to draw inspiration so as to get your cosplay costume from TV shows on Showmax, just visit the website and sign up. Showmax has this incredible deal where you only need to pay Kshs 250 via MPESA which gives you a 3 month premium access to the over 35,000 movies and TV shows on the site.