Apple Caught Posting Via Android on Twitter

Apple tweeting via Android

If you used to tweet before 2013, Twitter used to have this way of showing you what Twitter client other people are using. You could see via Twitter for iPhone or via Twitter via Blackberry or via Snaptu or via Dabr and so on.

They later on removed it which was great and forgot about it but last month, they decided to bring it back on the official Twitter app. This has brought an interesting discussion on the timeline and it refers to what platform brands use to tweet their content from.

MKBHD, the famous tech YouTuber has been outing brands who have been tweeting from the wrong platform for a while now. He started with the famous actress Gal Gadot when she was promoting an Android phone by tweeting via an iPhone (she later blocked and unblocked him). Later on, he outed Samsung Nigeria for promoting the Note 9 via iPhone and also Samsung India for doing the same thing.

Well he has done it again and this one is the opposite. In previous instances, he usually catches brands or personalities promoting Android phones by tweeting via iPhones. But in this case, we see Apple themselves tweeting via Android!

Apple Music is one of the few Apple accounts the company has and he caught them tweeting via Android. This is strange since Apple owns iOS and they could have tweeted this via an iPhone or an iPad or a Mac but they used Android.

Well you could make the case that Apple Music is also on Android and this is nothing to blabber about, but it is one hell of a plot twist. Who knew Apple could tweet via Android? 2018 has been quite the year and Marques’ caption is spot on.

What’s next? Apple will release an Android phone? (stop laughing)