Early 2019 iPhone X1 Rumours Still a Mixed Bag

iPhone X1

Even though we are only a few weeks into 2019 the rumours and speculation that surround any new upcoming release have already begun, in fact, rumours about the 2019 iPhones started before the iPhone XS and XR were even announced, and of course, there are varying details of wat we can expect.

One thing that IS certain is that until Apple actually announces in September what they have in store for the fans we shall not know exactly what we are going to get. Sure, the closer we come to September the more accurate the speculations will be, but they will still be speculations.

2018 brought us the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max together with the iPhone XR with the two XS phones boasting a higher price tag (beginning at $999) whilst the XR is priced at $749.

Many researchers believe that there could be a similar line-up in 2019 and there are some rumours that suggest that we could see the emergence of a 5.8- and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones as well as the possibility of a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone.

Names for the new devices could be the XI or even the iPhone 11.

There is debate whether Apple will continue using OLED displays, even an all OLED line-up there are other rumours that suggest Apple might actually stick with LEDs simply because the price of such devices is more attractive.

A more certain rumour would be that the 2019 iPhones will probably adopt upgraded A13 chips from TSMC *which is Apple’s chip supplier.)  Upgrading chips usually bring improved efficiency and performance.

What is interesting about some of the rumours that we are currently hearing is that the next iPhone could possibly have triple lens which would have the potential to include improved 3D sensing for augmented reality as well as a greater zoom capacity.

As the year progresses so all the rumours and speculations surround the new iPhone will increase and as that happens those that have bought into Apple and are loyal will avidly read all that there is and then make their own minds up whether it’s for them or not.

To be honest when you begin to think it was only twelve years or so ago that the very first iPhone was launched on the unsuspecting public, it truly is amazing to remember how far we have advanced.

Today we carry out many tasks that would have eaten into our everyday lives like banking and booking restaurants, tickets to concerts and theatres.

We browse, buy and pay online using our smartphones, and we source our entertainment. Watching a movie, listening to music or play the best online pokies is all doable via our iPhones, and all thanks to the great advancements that have been made over a relatively short period of time.

When Steve Jobs said back in 2007 that the iPhone was going to change how we communicate forever, I wonder whether he knew just how much and how far it would go?