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Showmax is one of the top online video on demand services that we have in the country. They have a huge collection of TV shows and movies that you can binge on at home or on the move via their Showmax apps.

We now live in an era where we moved on from watching our favourite TV shows on regular broadcast TV to binging on them on streaming platforms like Showmax. You can watch shows that were aired years back and you didn’t have a way to watch them back then or a current show that is on air right now on US networks and you obviously can’t watch them here.

To check out these shows on Showmax, you’ll need a subscription and the subscription service has the best deal in town. For only KES 250, you can enjoy 3 months of premium Showmax which is only available if you pay via MPESA only. This will save you a whopping KES 2640 for the three months since the regular subscription price is KES 880 per month.

Showmax has a surprising impressive catalog of TV shows that you can binge on this new year and it includes hows that you’ve heard of.

First on Showmax Specials

Showmax has a number of TV shows that you can find only on the platform and they cover several genres, from Comedy to Drama to Sci-Fi & Fantasy and  even Thrillers.

Under this Showmax collection, we have such revered shows like Taboo that starts Tom Hardy, Mr Robot – the  hit crime/mystery thriller, Dr Who – the timeless British Sci-Fi TV show and The Girlfriend Experience that has been called ‘utterly binge-worthy’ by critics.

My Picks


Game of Thrones

This is one hit TV series from HBO and has consistently generated so much hype on social media and in pop culture as well. Season 8 was delayed until this year and they hype generated before the last season has been sky high.

You may have forgotten some events from previous seasons and Showmax has your back. You can binge Game of Thrones from Season 1 to Season 7 on Showmax as you await Season 8 that is slated to be released in April this year.

Top Gear

Top Gear is one of the most beloved shows from BBC and people loved it for the fact that it was more entertaining than a typical car show. There was a time they used to drop 2 seasons a year and that is why Top Gear seems to have a lot of episodes and seasons.

Showmax has Season 9 to 22 of Top Gear goodness in its repository.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is another very popular American TV show that its fans love to binge on. The medical TV drama has been with us for a long time (long in TV years) and it is currently on Season 15.

On checking out Showmax, they have 13 Seasons of Grey’s Anatomy for you to enjoy and you can binge watch it right now if you have subscribed to Showmax.

Criminal Minds

This is a TV show that has been running since 2005 and it is about elite investigators who hunt down the most dangerous criminals. This is one of those shows that run for 40 minutes per episode and is full of mystery and drama and can be extremely engrossing.

Showmax has 12 seasons of the TV show on its repository which is a good number for a binge watch session.

Being Mary Jane

This is an American drama TV series that stars the famous Gabrielle Union and is a critic favorite. It follows Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union), a successful TV news anchor who moves from Atlanta to New York but not the drama.

mhas 4 seasons of the TV show and each episode is around 40 minutes, save for the pilot and qualifies as a true bingeable series.


Power is one of those shows you see people commenting on social media and the crime drama revolves a drug dealer who wants to leave the criminal world to support his legitimate business.

Showmax has 4 seasons of the much loved TV show and if you like TV shows of the crime & mystery genre, this is the TV show for you to binge on.

Local shows

Showmax has a roster of local shows that you can binge watch if you either missed some episodes on local TV or you’ve never seen them before.

Showmax has titles like:

  • XYZ Show which is a variety political satire show featuring puppets that are based on political figures which is a fun watch. Showmax has 4 seasons of the stuff for you to watch
  • Varshita that stars the famous Eve D’Souza and Maqbul Mohammed as a young couple who come from different backgrounds and the resulting culture collision makes for a fun watch. There are three seasons available on Showmax.
  • Makers of a Nation which is a documentary show that shows stories of Kenyan politicians who emerged around Kenya’s independence.
  • Changes which is a TV drama that is all about six couples living in Nairobi’s upmarket area and they all work hard to find success in all aspects of their lives. There are three seasons for you to enjoy on Showmax.

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