Huawei Set to Launch the Mate 20 Series of Phones in Kenya in January


The world’s top 3 smartphone maker Huawei has grown so much, it pushed the second highest smartphone sales in the world (after Samsung), beating Apple in the process. It is equally popular in the Kenyan market owing to the success of low- to mid-range devices such as the Y9 2019 that still remains the handheld to beat in the 25-30K price bracket.

In October 2018, Huawei released its flagship Mate series of phones, the Mates. The launch effectively saw its 5th iteration of the brand go live: the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. The devices have since won their deserved and fair share of awards and critical acclaim for what they pack.

They have excellent cameras (that were preceded by the excellent P20 Pro), innovative features such as reverse wireless charging (charging other wireless charging supported devices) owing to their humongous batteries, blazing fast and native, Huawei-made chipset dubbed the Kirin 980 that also prides itself as the first 7nm SoC (the precision of the fabrication of the chipset) in the Android space (can you visualize how small that is?).

This translates to a notable bump in efficiency, among many other lifestyle features such as Ingress Protection. If you want and can name it, then the new line of Mates has it.

So, what is all this post about? Well, for starters, Huawei Kenya is bringing the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro to Kenya. This will make it the third company to launch its high-end flagship line in the country (other than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 and OPPO’s Find X), which means variety for customers who want choice.

The launch of the devices will take place before the end of the month. It is, in some way, a strategic move for the manufacturer that is also readying the P30 Pro as HMD will announce the Nokia 9 before the end of January, and Samsung will launch the S10 series on February 20. Both devices will be available locally.

We will apprise you of the date of launch and pricing as soon as Huawei Kenya reveals them.


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