Liverpool’s Salah Deletes his Social Media Accounts after Posting Mysterious Tweet

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Liverpool FC’s attacking midfielder, Mohamed Salah has come quite the darling of Liverpool fans on social media thanks to his great performance last season. He was able to inspire Liverpool to go to the Champions league and score the most goals in that Premier league season (32).

Of course he has a Twitter account and people follow him to get regular updates from the player, just like any other football player. As a celebrity, any of your tweets are easily impressionable and that is why they are careful as to what they tweet about.

It seems like Salah did not follow this unwritten golden rule as he decided to deactivate his Twitter account after an interesting tweet he posted earlier.

He also went ahead to delete his Facebook Page and Instagram accounts in a clean sweep that has made fans be bewildered by his actions.

This tweet looks rather cryptic since usually people post resolution tweets at the beginning of the year and the timing is off. There are several questions that could be formulated from this: What is he getting in touch with? Was he procrastinating something? Why delete his social media accounts after posting this tweet? Was this a scheduled tweet that got posted at the wrong time? Is this about the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations that is scheduled to be hosted in his home country in June and July?

People have all sorts of theories as to why he decided to do this and a passing theory is that it is due to a row with Egypt’s Football Associaltion over image rights which was highlighted by his representative way back in April last year.

Guess we will never know until he says something.