Man browsing the internet

Man browsing the internetThere’s a lot of ways to waste your time on the internet such as doing those which character from HBO’s Silicon Valley are you quizzes – I got Jared, which is so accurate. In my mindless exploring on the rabbit hole that is the internet, I came across this Spotify quiz that is quite different from the other Spotify quizzes I have taken part in such as ones that let you guess which song is the most played in different genres or years.

This one I found is much more interesting as it’s so addictive and is where all your productivity goes to die. It is a silly game but very good.

Top Of The Spots shows you a two singer’s name and their song titles and you have to pick the one which has been most listened to.

It sounds simple but you’ll be picking the wrong songs, trust me. Play it here and if you can tweet at us your highest score.

Here are other websites you can indulge in

This one where wholesome photos of cute baby animals are displayed to cleanse yourself after seeing horrible stuff on the internet you’ll never unsee.

Reality TV but it’s just kittens is my favourite one and probably the only one reality Tv I watch.

Let this dog lick your screen all day. Sanger the pug is here for you

Slap someone with a virtual eel

Create vibrant flame doodles with this website – art is a very therapeutic way to distress

This site will find you a photo of someone pointing at your pointer

Another interesting site that uses your mouse movements is this one that shows you a black worm(not those disgusting ones) that follows your mouse movements. If you move fast enough, it does a rainbow wave.

If you’re a fan of conspiracy theories or not, this Wikipedia site gives you explanations of some of them. Make sure to put on that tinfoil hat.

Reddit is also an interesting site to visit especially the subreddits. One niche one is the r/nosleep for the horror stories. Word of advice is that don’t read these in the dark or you’ll never want to sleep again. Another one is r/creepy.

If you’re into Hollywood news and gossip, Oh No They Didn’t is the place to go

Damn interesting is for us who are into quirky stories. This site has all of them and some are factual.

TV Tropes is a site that explores common story elements in art or entertainment – be it good or bad. You might want to visit it if you’re finished with whatever film or movie you’ve binge-watched or books you’ve read. You’ll feel more knowledgeable after visiting the site.

To visit other fun sites to check out The Useless Web to find the most useless websites online right now such as this Oprah gif of her releasing bees, Endless Horse or Hacker Typer.

We’ll keep updating this list. Meanwhile, hang around our fun category for those interesting internet culture stories you might have missed.