Telegram Gains Millions of Users After Global WhatsApp Outage


Telegram Windows Phone

It is no surprise that when a major social network like WhatsApp has issues, Telegram benefits immensely and this has been shown yet again.

Pavel Durov, Telegram Messenger’s founder, has revealed that a substantial number of people joined Telegram in the past day.

“I see 3 million new users have signed up for Telegram within the last 24 hours,” he says. “Good. We have true privacy and unlimited space for everyone.”

You may be wondering what happened to warrant such a huge shift to Telegram. Yesterday, there was a widespread outage where people couldn’t access the Facebook family of apps.

The family of apps include Facebook itself, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. These are apps which people use to communicate and cutting off that access means people look for alternatives.

A great alternative to Messenger and WhatsApp is Telegram Messenger. Telegram Messenger came way later than these two but it has managed to have its own cult following and have features that end up being added on WhatsApp.

Telegram has always been a great alternative to WhatsApp due to its similar user interface, availability on multiple platforms (PC, Android, iOS, web) and the privacy features the company likes touting about.

There are past examples of people moving to Telegram when they are not able to access WhatsApp. Recently during the social media ban in Zimbabwe, WhatsApp was blocked in the country and people urged each other to move to Telegram. Also some time back, Brazilians joined Telegram en masse when WhatsApp was blocked in the country.