EZEKIEL-MUTUAEarly this morning, a tweep posted a photo of a GOtv billboard ad they had spotted and asked fellow Kenyan on Twitter(KOT) if it was real.

The ad was meant for GOtv users letting them know of the slashed prices of the max package and that they can continue enjoying premium channels for less.

The tweet elicited mixed reactions

Others weren’t too excited about it

The ad was then revealed to be a fake one as it had been photoshopped.

The news of this photoshopped ad reached the ears of Ezekiel Mutua who hadn’t realize that all was fake. He went ahead to condemn it and even called for the billboard’s ad license to be revoked.

Here’s the real ad.

In this era of social media, what we can all learn is to be vigilant and fact check everything we see online before jumping to conclusion. The ad was photoshopped to trigger Ezekiel and he fell for it without finding if it was valid.

The edited ad also caught Nairobi’s Governor, Mike Sonko attention, who sent a team to investigate the billboard.

Even though its intentions were humorous, we should all be alert in case another photoshopped picture with malicious objectives goes online and triggers you to share or comment on it.


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