Tim Cook Meme

Tim Cook MemeMemes. Memes. Memes. Memes. The only thing holding the internet together. Here are some of the best memes that trended from this past week to cheer you up.

Tim Apple’s…erhm Tim Cook’s AirPod Announcement

Apple CEO announced the second generation AirPod versions via a tweet and it became the perfect template for memes. He used the same photo for his iPad tweet. Twitter didn’t waste any time with the memes.

A crossover

An art form

Somebody didn’t the memes as some of them are pretty indecent

Hopefully, Tim Cook doesn’t continue launching products via his own memes.

Astrology App Memes

Astrology memes are back and this time around, courtesy of the app Co-Star. It has been giving users weird push notifications.

Co-star be judging

The app is personally attacking its users

Some are relevant

Is everything okay at the HQ, Co-Star?

Co-Star sending mixed signals

The truth hurts

This is weird

People started making their own

Some are hilarious

Others straight-up serial killer vibes

What are you doing?

The co-founder, Banu Guler said in an interview that AI and NASA data to write those predictions. The app has so far gotten traction but we’ll see what happens next.

Elizabeth Holmesโ€™ memes

So HBO released The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, a documentary on Elizabeth Holmes, former CEO of Theranos. So if you haven’t watched it yet, I’ll recap for you. Elizabeth dropped out of Stanford at 19, went to Silicon Valley and started Theranos.

It was a company that promised its users that it would test blood using a machine called the Edisonย for hundreds of diseases with one finger prick. Big name investors and users got on board but things were not looking so rosy and a lot of them got scammed – the documentary was spot on and so did the memes.

From her voice

To her eyes

Let’s not forget the bitcoin tie

And people had things to say

Go watch it.

Beto Oโ€™Rourke and his love for counters

Beto Oโ€™Rourke is a democrat presidentialย for the US 2020 elections and he has been campaigning around the states – and he has been on top of things to get his message across the electorate.

The three magic words

Trolling the Libras

What does he stand for?

Even the Daily Show joined in.

Robert Muellerย Memes

Robert Mueller has had a rough couple of years investigating Donald Trump’s campaign with the US presidentย even calling it a witch hunt but the report is finally out and the memes too.

A Medium article title, perhaps?

Don’t forget the attachment

He is all of us on deadlines

J.K Rowling weird announcement made a point

This was my favourite

His report also led to this weird tweet by CNN

Trump ISIS Map memes

As usual, Trump showed reporters a map of regions that ISIS now controls comparing 2016 and now. The internet didn’t disappoint.

And there’s more

They areย all funny.

Unsettled Tom Memes

Another meme from yesteryears came back

Oof from UnsettledTom


Did I do it right from memes

Another one

I canโ€™t think of a title for this one from UnsettledTom

For more of these, check them here.

Florida Man Memes

Florida is a weird state and now we have a fun game to decide which Florida man you are.

And this one

This one is hilarious

ummh, what?

Microwave challenge on TikTok

The challenge is you post a video of you slow dancing just the way a plate of food moves while in the microwave when it’s getting heated up –ย slowly and steadily rotating.

They take on different formats


She captioned it well

Have you tried it yet?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s TikTok Video

The 71-year-old is on TikTok and his latest video caught netizen’s heart

he’s happy and that made us all jealous.

The video will keep us entertained this week.

Send us your best memes.