Telegram Will Allow You To Delete All Sent and Received Messages From Both Ends

Telegram messenger

Private messaging apps are vital to people’s lives and it is where we get to share information between each other either privately or in groups.

However, in some situations, it feels like people might use the information that you give them in unscrupulous ways. A way to do this is by deleting the post, but in some messaging sites, you can’t delete from the other side, or if you could, it is only limited to a short period of time.

Now Telegram Messenger has decided to announce a rather neat feature which they call Unsend anything. This will allow the hundreds of millions of Telegram user to delete any message you received or sent from both sides in private chats which disappear on both ends.

Previously, Telegram allowed you to delete a message sent to a private chat within 48 hours, which is generous compared to what WhatsApp eventually gave you.

In the new system, now you can delete all of these messages you sent and received in the private chat that will be effected too on the other person’s chat timeline. Previously, you were only limited to deleting messages on both ends of what you sent.

This will prove to be a popular feature and it is similar to what Telegram offers in Secret Chat. In Secret Chat, you set a timer for the automatic disappearance of your chat with the said person without leaving a trace.

The other ‘privacy’ related feature Telegram also added today is Anonymous Forwarding. When this setting is enabled, it will not show where the message came from. Currently, when you forwarded messages on Telegram, it shows where the message came from.

Other neat features they have added in the new update include an improved search, emoji search and GIFs and support for accessibility features (VoiceOver on iOS and TalkBack on Android).