Africa’s Talking Former Chief Commercial Officer is Now the New CEO

Bilha Ndirangu takes over from Samuel Gikandi, where the latter is taking over Africa's Talking Labs

Bilha Ndirangu Africa's Talking
Bilha Ndirangu - CEO Africa's Talking

Africa’s Talking, the now Pan-African company that positions itself as the ‘go-to platform’ for developers in Africa has had a change in leadership.

Bilha Ndirangu, Africa’s Talking former Chief Commerical Officer, is now Africa’s Talking’s new CEO. She takes over from Samuel Gikandi, who is the co-founder of Africa’s Talking and previous CEO.

She was previously the senior project manager at Dalberg Global Development advisers. Her work as CEO at Africa’s Talking will be to guide the company’s vision and opening new door for strategic partnerships.

Africa’s Talking had a series A funding back in mid 2018 which allowed them to expand. This led to them creating the Africa’s Talking group, which is an umbrella co-operation that incorporates two companies: Africa’s Talking and Africa’s Talking Labs.

Samuel Gikandi – CEO, AT Labs

Samuel Gikandi will now be the new CEO for Africa’s Talking Labs. Africa’s Talking Labs (commonly known as AT Labs) works on ‘validating startup ideas and helping them grow to fully fledged businesses easily by providing mentorship, infrastructure and work space.’

Africa’s Talking saw the need for Samuel Gikandi to be the the CEO for AT Labs due to his experience and the fact that the company is still a new entity. His vision for AT Labs is to equip people with skills involved in creating profitable businesses with as little hurdles as possible.

Africa’s Talking has grown in almost its decade of existence where they have a community of over 20,000 developers and have over 20 telco connections across 7 countries in Africa.

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