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man scrolling through memesMemes. Memes. Memes. Memes. The only thing holding the internet together. Here are some of the best memes that trended this week either from Twitter, TikTok, Facebook or Instagram to cheer you up. And to start us, here are some cat video memes.

Dear Kitten TikTok Video

In 2014, Buzzfeed created an ad for Friskies featuring the narration from Ze Frank, he also narrates the True Facts documentary videos on Facebook. Go watch them – they’re animal documentaries but presented in more fun way.

The same video format got new life on TikTok as users imposed the same narration to their cat videos and its hilarious!

In other videos, an older cat gives advice to a kitten

Another gives advice to a kitten who has just joined its new family

This cat thinks there’s another cat in the mirror

A dancing cat video

A cowboy cat with a toy gun

Bathtub Tray Memes

Early this week, RoyalCraft Wood adverised what they thought women usually have on their bathtub trays. Sharon posted it with a sarcastic caption that then became a thread.

The resulting replies didn’t disappoint

Here’s another one

Hit the Woah videos on TikTok

TikTok has given life to another old forgotten video. People are recording themselves dancing to “Hit My Woah” by A-1 Steak Sauce or Elijah Who’s “Skateboard P,”

Here’s another version

Other artists tried it and it’s cringy

Even teachers got on board

Dentists couldn’t be left behind

Me waking up, lol

This one involving this pet bird was my favourite.

Pregnant Mom Memes

This one is a meme that evolved from the flat stomach meme.

People made their own

Another called out on the meme



The memes pivoted to the pregnant mom memes

Others to who they are now

Autocompleting “J.K. Rowling Reveals” Memes

If you’re into the Harry Potter universe, you should have come across weird revelations J.K. Rowlings occasionally throws at us with some being obvious and others we didn’t even know. 9Gag asked users to complete the text “J.K. Rowling reveals that you” but with predictive text on their phones’ keyboards.

They were endearing

Is this the new listen to my SoundCloud?

We got called out

Emoji Groupchat challenge

This new and viral challenge wants to spice up your group chat conversations. Send a picture of you copying an emoji of your choice.

People picked up

Some were not on board

Others enjoyed it

My favourite

Goth Crocs

Someone made goth crocs and people gawked at them on Twitter

The guy who created them has an odd liking for weird footwear

Remember these?

Or these?

But seriously why?

The Duolingo Memes are back

The Duolingo bird really want you to lean some japanese or spanish. The apps push notifications elicited reactions. Remember this parody Clickhole article titled, “Duolingo Is Reporting Any User Who Goes 10 Minutes Without Opening The Duolingo App As A Missing Person.”

and this one

Their recent tweet sent people into panic mode

Please be Valyrian so I am up to speed with Daenerys Targaryen

This new feature is wild

Newscasters tried teen slang and it was terrible

These newscasters went on air and included words  like Yeet, slay and goals and it was awakward. Even using Cardi B references.

We agree

People had some thoughts

This could be it

WAtch the full video here:

This $500K budget is average according to a couple and people are shook

Early this CNBC posted a couple’s budget breakdown making $500,000 but still felt average and Twitter was baffled especially from those who make average to less than that amount of money.

This couple needs to see an actual average budget

This for comparison

And some financial advice to the couple

‘You were at my wedding Denise’

This is the new clapback courtesy of Megan McCain’s tweet

It gave people a new comback to everything

This was hillarious

Julius Ceasar

The Red Wedding from Game of Thrones

Donald Trump wasn’t going to miss out

Can I speak to the manager?

And the dad award goes to…

Elvis Andrus. The Texas Rangers shortstop chose the viral song Baby Shark as his walk-up song. When he was asked why he went with it, the sportsman said he was playing it for his infant son.

“It’s awesome. It’s Elvis Emilio’s favourite song.”

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