MemesMemes are the only thing holding the internet together. Here are some of the trending memes from Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. It’s going to be a long week and here are some memes to crack your ribs

Nick Nurse, Raptors coach reaction memes

If you are a basketball fan, then you might have watched the NBA playoffs that happened this Sunday. During Game 4, Nick Nurse’s team was playing against Orlando Magic. There was a three-second violation call on Raptors point guard Fred VanVleet that caused Nick Nurse to appear frozen in shock, his mouth agape and memes were created.

Things went well however as the team ended up winning

A Game of Thrones meme crossover was inevitable

Catch up on all the Game of Thrones memes from Sunday’s episode here.

Wholesome TikTok videos of people working

These TikTok videos of people doing work you have curious about are the best thing on TYikTok – you get to see how broccoli is bundled or how bobby pins are sorted like this one

Or this about how ice sculptures are made

Or this one

This is one is a bit different

This is how Brocolli is bundled if you didn’t know

This is pure talent

Star Trek actor Jonathan Frakes calling out your lies meme

Jonathan Frakes acts as William Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation and another series called Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction The show was like Ripleys Believe it or not but this one featured stories about unusual occurrences and the audience work was to tell the hoax from the truth. Someone on Twitter made a compilation of his witty replies to the audience after discerning truth from the fake and how wrong we are.

And the memes came through

All of us

Not going to happen

The best one

The dog ate my homework

Not one

Jonathan tweeted out the link to the link to the YouTube video and was proud to have become a meme

Do Goombas from the game Super Mario Bros.’ have arms?

Goombas are characters found going on about their lives as henchmen in the Mushroom Kingdom

The internet was shook

Same, Nick, Same

People were questioning everything

This isn’t the first time

Here’s proof

Well, this is sad

Feeling Cute memes get controversial

Delivery men got on to it

View this post on Instagram

Take a shower while you can he in route 🚿

A post shared by lilduval (@lilduval) on

Then it got controversial

Looks like the participating officers might face disciplinary action or worse lose their jobs

Elon Musk, a sheep and a plane?

It all started here

But let’s go back in time a little bit to explain who the sheep exactly is

And this where it all it started

And then MIT tweeted this

So here’s where Elon gets involved, the Stratolaunch was set to launch Elon Musk’s Space X rockets in a partnership that began in 2010 but this relationship was ended in 2012.

“We were interested in their engines, but Elon and his team, they’re about going to Mars, and we’re just in a different place, and so I think it was a parting of the ways that was amicable.”

So Musk being the meme lord he is decided to passively aggressively respond to the tweet about Stratolaunch.

People challenged him and he did it

So this happened since the Museum of Rural English Life are into memes themselves

Well, Elon replied

The memes continued flooding

An electric sheep?


Get it


What have we done

Also, no this is not happening

The tweets were a rollercoaster

‘harm to ongoing matter’ memes

If you follow the US politics, you might have seen that Robert Muller released the much-awaited report on whether there was collusion from the Russian in the 2016 presidential elections. The report got a lot of redacted parts and when asked why, Attorney General William Barr said that they will be  “harm to ongoing matter,” since the information is part of ongoing legal matters. People started making fun of the “harm to ongoing matter” phrase.

I would name my band this

The best one

Another one

My escape goat

They are getting better

I would drink this cocktail

Watch this video of a compilation of 15 years of memes

Ricardo Milos dancing memes

Ricardo Milos dancing video from 2011 got new life after it got remixed and then people started making TikTok videos by recreating the dance style.

Donald Trump telling Boeing to rebrand memes

Trump, the “probem solver” decide to give advice to Boeing after its recent fatal plane crashes involving their latest Boeing 737 Max which have since been grounded – all of them.

People started mocking him

This was the Trumpest tweet ever posted

Celebrities as your favourite objects memes

These Twitter threads are life

Ben Affleck

Sonja Morgan

The Notre Dame Fire is aesthetic according to one tweep and people didn’t agree

This song from Lizzo is getting a TikTok treatment

Lizzo releases asong that has the line “Just took a DNA test/turns out I’m 100 percent that bitch” and people are recreating it on TikTok

Trenchcoat meme

This image is confusing

It got people questioning

It got more confusing

Just business as usual

It got hilarious

You and I both

It has been done before

Keep Your movie memes

I need to stop binging tv shows and movies to be a millionaire according to this tweet

Memes came through

Jack Dorsey’s unkempt look memes

Jack Dorsey was in Vancouver for his TED Talk bu want he wore was meme-worthy

Was he a white walker?




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