DaenerysThe night is dark and full of memes. Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was pretty chill now that the wight walkers are already here – so did the memes, they didn’t disappoint. These are some of the best ones we managed to compile for you to enjoy, hopefully, everyone has already watched the episode – we are not sorry for the spoilers.

Game of Thrones: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Memes

The memes were pretty good. Also, spoilers are coming.


As usual, darkness

The Jamie-Bran encounter

Sansa and Daenerys solving the bad blood between them

This tweet is so adorable

Daenerys squint smile memes


Theon-Sansa moment

well, this is a newbie to the Game of Thrones

Tormund continues crushing on Brienne even with the impending doom

Jamie isn’t hiding it

One last party

Tyrion being the good host

Storytime, lol


Tyrion being Tyrion

Jaime didn’t let Tormund prosper

Brienne got knighted

Even after Jaime stole his shine, Tormund was still proud

Winter is here, Jon and others

Ghost made a cameo

Jon Snow was avoiding Daenerys after Samwell Tarly told him his lineage

Priorities, am I right?

It’s already awkward already

New format of greetings

The juxtaposition – who would have thought?

This was cute – also naughty (it was Episode 69)

and then

Walk of shame

Next on Winterfell

This is sad

Alexa this is sad, play Florence + the Machine’s cover of Jenny of Oldstones

This was a good episode

The flaw in Winterfell’s battle strategy

I’m the OG, y’all – Sam

This was a good run, no one died but the next episode is going have the biggest battle ever

I live for Lyanna

Well, darkness is here


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