Samsung Galaxy S10 Finally Gets ‘Night Mode’ From New Update

This is an update that is on right now in the Kenyan market

samsung galaxy s10 night mode

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s new flagship phone for the year and the company has been updating it steadily. The Galaxy S10 has received another update for this region and it has some new features.

I got this update yesterday (April 25th 2019) with the build number G973FXXU1ASD5. The 205MB update brought about some key changes.

First, it improves the security patch level so now the Galaxy S10 is on the April 2019 security patch. It is kinda nice that Samsung has been able to release this security patch in April which is a step in the right direction for the manufacturer. It also includes other ‘device stability’ improvements, bug fixes and improvement on performance.

Second major update was improving the stability of the Wi-Fi. I had noticed that my other phone, a Huawei, could hold onto a Wi-Fi network better than the S10 and I’m glad this has been fixed.

Third major update is about the camera. “The performance of Camera has been improved”, Samsung said and I initially thought this was a bug fix. However, I found a new mode on the camera carousel: Night mode.

Night Mode has become a must have feature for flagship phones. It allows the phone to take brighter and better photos in low light conditions compared to traditional ones taken in auto mode.

What Night Mode essentially does is take a long exposure shot of your subject which requires a slow shutter speed to gather all that light. That is why the phone usually advises you to be still while taking shots in this mode.

The inclusion of this ‘Night Mode’ is Samsung trying to keep up with the competition who have pretty good Night Mode implementation. Huawei has currently the best ‘Night Mode’ feature that is powered by AI. The Google Pixel is not too far behind where it uses its software magic to create pretty good Night shots.