Safaricom Adds Double Airtime Purchases to Tunukiwa in New Dabo Dabo Offer

Voice calling

Voice callingSafaricom has supplemented its Tunukiwa service with an offer that will see customers access double the amount of airtime included in the new package. The offer, which will be available for the next three months, can be used by all customers and is accessible via the *444*0# access code.

This is how the promotion is planned: users have four options – a daily (24 hours) option, a 3-day option, a 7-day plan, and a 30-day subscription. The value for each validity period may vary from user to user as is the case with Tunukiwa.

Mine end, for instance, has an option for KES 40, KES 100, KES 200 and KES 1000 for the mentioned validity periods, respectively. This means that if I purchase option 1, I will spend KES 40 but receive KES 80 of airtime, valid for 24 hours.

The airtime can be used to make phone calls across all networks. It can also be used to send SMS or access data services (consumed as airtime, not data bundles). However, it is worth noting that you cannot use Dabo Dabo airtime to purchase premium services such as data bundles or Skiza tunes.

“Through the years, we have seen a growth in our customer needs to encompass different ways of communicating such as chatting and social media. Even with this shift, calling remains the most preferred way of getting in touch, and we see an opportunity to encourage our customers to talk even more through incredible offers such as Kredo Dabo Dabo,” said Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Customer Officer, Safaricom.

Lastly, customers can dial *444# and select Balance to check their remaining Dabo Dabo talk-time.