Safaricom Introduces Free YouTube Access for Some ‘All In One Bundle’ Subscriptions

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Safaricom appears to have introduced free YouTube access for All In One Monthly Bundles. Capped at 5 GB (for the subscription session), users can now enjoy watching their favourite videos on the platform without making a dent on their All In One data allocation.

As the name suggests, All In One subscription was launched a couple of months ago for customers who need some form of flexibility. The plan is equipped with data, minutes (across all networks) and SMS. The SMS option was not available at launch, but we are glad Safaricom introduced it a couple of days later to make the subscription really All In One.

It is worth noting that the 5GB allocated for YouTube on top of the product is available for the KES 1000 and KES 2000 plans. The more expensive options (KES 3000 – 10000) remain untouched for the moment.

Safaricom has been adjusting its products in response to pressure fronted by other carriers that keep launching inexpensive plans time to time. Telcos such as Telkom and Airtel have dirty cheap subscriptions that appeal to young people that are always on the lookout for affordable data products. However, Safaricom’s upper hand in terms of coverage is unmatched as its 4G technology is available in all major towns in the country, and its numbers continue to cannibalize the competition.