Kenya’s Communications Authority Unveils a Robust Digital Economy Blueprint


The Kenya government alongside the Communications Authority of Kenya has released the Digital Economy Blueprint that will be used to heighten the offerings of the state and Africa at large in terms of economic growth. The document delves into a couple of key areas that are centred on ICT and government policy, including a Digital Government, Digital Business, Infrastructure, Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship, and Digital Skills and Values.

Vision 2030 and The Big Four Agenda

According to the document, the Blueprint has been put in place in line with national priorities such as the Big Four Agenda and Vision 2030. We have covered the goals of Vision 2030 before but as a recap, the program looks forward to seeing Kenya take part in the competitive global stage for a knowledge-based economy that is primarily based on ICT.

The Big Four Agenda, on the other hand, was a 5-year plan devised to push the country towards achieving the aims of Vision 2030 by making key milestones in Manufacturing, Food and Nutritional Security, Universal Health and Affordable Housing.

Goals of the Blueprint

According to the CA, the outline will take advantage of the opportunities and solutions that can be used to elevate the offerings of the digital economy, and manage the transformation journey associated in new and emerging technologies. It further describes the imperatives required to align the country towards a digital economy, and pinpoint areas that the state can take part in and seize the opportunities therein.

The Pillars

A Digital Government shall, in principle, leverage digital services, and products to hone public service delivery. Secondly, a Digital Business aims to develop a solid marketplace for digital trade, digital financial services, and digital content. The Infrastructural pillar seeks to avail affordable, accessible and reliable infrastructure. Furthermore, Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship will reportedly create an ecosystem that will support local startups and businesses to produce world-class products and services. Finally, Digital Skills and Values will see the development of a digitally skilled workforce that is based on ethical practices and social values.

The Blueprint can be accessed here.


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