Samsung Renews Its Android License Deal with Google

Samsung s10

Samsung s10As things crumble for Huawei, Samsung is strengthening its relationship with Google following the search giant company canceling Huawei’s Android license. The South Korean tech giant recently signed a new Mobile Application Sales Agreement(MADA) even after Google’s scandals with the European Union. It was renamed to EMADA but the contract signed focuses on the two tech giants rather than the run-ins with the EU.

The search giant company was last year charged with a large penalty for violating anti-trust laws. European antitrust authorities gave Google a $4.3 billion fine for forcing smartphone manufacturers to sign exclusive agreements that stipulate preference towards Google’s apps if they wanted to use full-fledged  Android on their devices.

Google then passed down these penalties down to manufactures making prices for devices go even higher especially for users in Europe. This announcement will be advantageous to the South Korean tech giant and gives them an upper hand as Huawei was closely following their partnership with Google before their license got suspended.

Huawei is reportedly working on an alternative app store and was already working on their own OS named IndeoenOS but critics are already pessimistic on the idea of an alternate OS saying it’s a fruitless effort.

Samsung renewing its commitment to Google’s Android OS is going to give it an upper hand in the smartphone market but if Huawei’s ongoing negotiations become fruitful(they already have a temporary reprieve) could turn the tables.

Only time will tell.

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