Guy Who Wrote The Heroin Twitter Thread Story Says It Was a Lie

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Twitter was initially described as a ‘microblogging’ site and that is true. Tweets are just short posts and when you add them into a thread, it becomes a whole post. Some people have used this well to narrate stories and can be intriguing.

We have seen our share of fascinating stories narrated by people on Twitter. These end up being shared massively on Twitter to the amusement of everyone. Some even go as far as being considered to be turned into movie (remember the Zola twitter thread?).

Well recently we got to see a thrilling thread that went viral. The Twitter thread written by one Shane Morris was a tale about him accidentally transporting a brick of heroin from Los Angeles to Seattle.

The story had everything. It was about him finding heroin in a van that he had bought which he ended up selling to hippies in Oregon. The drug dealers who apparently owned the product ended up calling him and when he realized it, it was a game of cat and mouse and scamming them out of money.

The story was intriguing and people really liked it. He even tweeted that one of his favourite directors had contacted him to turn his thread into a film.

This sounded all good and dandy until Shane Morris decided to reveal that the story that he shared on his thread was only half true.

“I made the whole thing up,” he said in the Medium post. He says that hhad once wrote a true story of how he accidentally ingested 8 grams of mushrooms and saw an opportunity to write a more outlandish story. “I did it because I wanted to showcase my writing abilities, and get attention,” he vehemently revealed.