Compilation of the Best Cliff Wife Memes


Don’t believe anything that is posted on the internet, try and see through its authenticity before sharing it. YouTubers have now joined in on cashing on playing with clickbait titles just to get views but it reached Peak YouTube when a YouTuber posted a 20-minute video about how his wife rolled down a hill and almost died. In the video, Shaun McBride filmed his wife Jenny McBride falling down a cliff and he then uploaded a video on YouTube.

The video is dramatic and hilarious since they were crying and making a huge deal out of it. His wife got a small scrape but it was made to look like was gonna die. Watching the video is going to make you ask yourself what the hell is wrong with the world. By the way, skip to the 8th minute to get the context of the now deleted tweet which had the short version of this video that people are mocking by creating memes out of. The original title was JENNY FELL OFF A CLIFF and after the backlash online, it was changed to JENNY FELL OFF THE TRAIL and disabled the comments.

People started referencing it to the curvy wife meme

“I remember turning and trying to grab, grab anything because I literally thought I was gonna die. It just changes your perspective, like even the littlest things shouldn’t bother you cause you never know. Life could change in a split second.” Jenny adds in the video.

People started questioning

Why were they interviewing her?

As usual, memes were created

Another reference to Moby

There was a crossover of memes including this one that references the viral Heroin tweet that was later found to be made up.

The video included a disclaimer to viewers saying that the material may not be suitable for some audiences and that was mocked too.

The memes continued

The cliff wife memes join other wife based online content

Musical references got involved

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