Discovered: New Apps, Sites, Extensions for This Week


The internet can be a very interesting place if you know where to look at. Discovered will do the digging and bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites so you don’t have to.

Some of this week’s finds will be productive tools and others genuinely interesting and will be fun to try out or waste your afternoon scrolling through what they offer. Have a look at them:


WunderMail is a beautiful Gmail third-party desktop app for Windows 10 and combines the best of both worlds. Another alternative is Mailbutler, a Chrome extension that supercharges Gmail with a powerful suite of time-saving tools: schedule emails, get read receipts, insert message templates, turn emails into tasks among other features.


Tusk is a refined open source desktop app for Evernote. Other alternatives include Lervana, Keep It, Paperwork and Permanote. Brainstorm is worth noting but is more of an alternative to Google Keep than to Evernote.

Diary Email

Diary Email lets you send an email to private@dairyemail to add an entry to your private diary


What if there was a tool that combined Google Keep, Evernote, and Pocket? Kollate is the perfect combo of all. It is a bookmarking and note-taking tool. Get the chrome extension here.

Milanote for iOS

Milanote for iOS is the notes app for creative work. It is an easy to use tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards – a supercharged Evernote App.

Dash for Slack

Dash is a slash command for Slack that creates channels with expiration dates for groups to have time-boxed discussions. Dash makes it easy to quickly gather people across your Slack workspace into a temporary channel, set a deadline, and helps your team stay productive to get things done.

Temporary channels force you to use Slack when necessary making them a lot more focused and effective. See how it works here.

Slack Message Scheduler

/schedule is the first app to natively schedule messages in Slack and comes in handy for managers if your team members in work in different timezones or batch their Slack time.

Remote Tools

Remote Tools is a repository of over 100 handpicked tools across over 20 categories relevant for remote teams.


Orangered curates a daily summary of your favourite subreddits with the top posts from each one.


FeMake is the home of data on female makers and combines data and tools using beautiful visualizations to understand, support and celebrate female representation in the maker community.


Timery app is an iOS client for Toggl, and it’s the best time tracking utility you’ll ever use. Time tracking helps you weigh the value of the time you spend on every project. Read more about it here.


Vignette is an iOS app that finds photos for your contacts by scouring social media profiles and updates said contacts with their current photo instead of you seeing gray boxes with the person’s initials.


Browserosaurus is a browser prompter for MacOS and works by setting itself as the default browser so that any links clicked in non-browser apps will be sent to Browserosaurus where it will present you with a menu of your installed browsers.

Remote Player for Mac

Remote Player for Mac lets you stream media files including videos, music or photos from your Mac to Apple TV.

AI Tools that transform your photos


Reflect lets you swap faces with Elon, the Night King from Game of Thrones, Joey from Friends tv show or literally anyone including your friends based on machine learning.

Other similar tools include Headface that will turn you into Obama or Trump, Face Swap Live, Emojiface, Zepeto or Morphin which recreates famous GIFs with a CGI version of yourself which is now in beta from the creators of Avenge Them lets you put your own face or a celeb’s on your favorite Avenger in seconds.


Lensa is an AI-powered iOS photo editing app from the creators of Prisma. It automates the editing process allowing you to make perfect pictures in seconds.


Credder is a peer review service that measures trust in every news article, author and outlet. It offers Rotten Tomatoes-style rating for the news and thus empowers news consumers.

Feedi Search Engine

Feedi is a search engine that allows you to find RSS feeds through a simple query.

Blog or Die

This is a handy tool to get you to be consistent on posting on your blogs. Blog or Die disables your blog if you fail to post a new article within a given period after your most recent post.


Flipchart is the newest app from TikTokand is an interest-based social app. Try it out here.

Internet of Thrones

Internet of Thrones turns any website from Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit,, New York Times, Spotify, YouTube, and even Pornhub into a Game of Thrones website. Sneakily install this on your co-workers or friends computer when they’re not looking and see what happens.

Here’s how Techweez looks

Fart Attack

Fart Attack is a chrome extension you can prank your friends or co-worker with if they leave their computers unattended by making every link and button fart on click and hover.


We couldn’t skip this list without a new dating app – well, here comes Vouch. Vouch lets singles invite their social circle to vouch for them unlocking social clues about who they are beyond their bio and profile picture. Read more about them here.

It’s like Bumble met LinkedIn’s recommendations, lol.


Storybadge lets you share songs from Apple Music to Instagram Stories. This is a shortcut for Apple Shortcuts app that allows people to easily share songs to other platforms.

Unnecessary Inventions

Unnecessary Inventions is a collection of projects designed by Matt Benedetto where he showcases products that solve problems that don’t really exist such as this Avocado on a Stick or Airstick Airpods and this Food Curtain.

Check more silly inventions here. Other similar sites include Flopstarter(a KickStarter play around, lol) which is a platform for bad ideas, Get Mad Ideas, a platform where you get to search and share ridiculous app ideas, Uninspiration is platform that curates gifts for someone who doesn’t like anything, Musk Level is another site that keeps Musk level ideas inspired by this tweet.

Here are some serious sites too: I Wish There Was An App For where users crowdsource community ideas and each month, build one and Request For Startup does the same thing but aggregates popular tweets.

Gear Browser

Gear is a powerful web browser lets you enjoy the simple, fast, secure, well-designed and exclusive browsing experience. It includes features such as ads blocker, ful screen, and dark mode plus developer favorites including web console, markdown/JSON viewer and color picker.

Care Cards

May is mental health awareness month and I had to include one site. Care Cards are a set of kind thoughts and helpful little activities to keep you on top of your mental well-being. Apart from the fun card, the site offers helpful resources like the contacts of mental health institutions if you want to talk to someone.


Quirk is an app that offers simplified cognitive behavioral therapy right on your phone. Unlike other CBT apps, it doesn’t force a particular condition on you and thus useful for non-traditional CT uses.


Future pairs you with one of the best fitness coaches on Earth. It starts at $150 a month and send you an Apple watch so you can track your workouts.


Sliced help you find opportunities that have a direct impact on reversing climate change and it’s free.

Other do good alternatives include Catchafire where you get to use your professional skills to help charities, DEED is an on-demand app that makes volunteering easy, social and fun. Lastly, Golden Volunteer Organizer and Volunteer Match.

Plant My Forest

Plant My Forest is a simple directive to encourage people to help in the reforestation of the planet. If you plant your forest on the site, it will be planted in real life. The site could do more to explain the whereabouts of your forest so that you can check the progress.

Captions for iOS

Captions for iOS gets you live captions and translation in real time for audio played on your iPhone or iPad. a 13-year-old made this app.


Travelgram helps you find the cheapest weekend flights in a single search. The site lets you find the best time to travel with a colour-coded calendar, compare multiple flights that best fit your schedule and you could also book the best weekend deals of the year.


TravelScope is a visual exploration of the travel freedom attached to passports. It’s visualized in an interactive world map of visa-free travel.


WakeMeHere is a location-based based alarm clock that wakes you up at the location of your choice. This tool will let you nap in peace if you use public transport without spending your brainpower on when to get out. You set your location and let WakeMeHere take care of the rest.

Too bad it’s only available for iOS.

Really Good Questions

Really Good Questions curates questions from Twitters curious minds


Uncrk helps to discover wines by its actual features. This is a notebook for wine impressions as it packs wine collections, label scanning and tasting surveys in a simple to use and beautiful app.

Under Lucky Stars

Under Lucky Stars makes beautifully designed star maps that show the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. Events include your birthday, when you first met your significant other, your engagement and wedding day. Under Lucky Stars are the only ones astronomically verified to make star maps.

TypingDNA Authenticator

TypingDNA Authenticator uses typing biometrics and the free Chrome extension gives you 2-step verification codes directly in your browser, and the added layer of security that TypingDNA’s typing biometrics authentication provides.


Weather+ is an app for both Android and iOS that gives you instant weather based notifications based on your location. You also notifications like before leaving home for work.

Read My World

Read My World is a Microsoft Garage(a Microsoft’s in-house incubator) project meant for low literacy and English Learning adults. The app identifies objects around them by taking photos and then letting Microsoft Cognitive Services and Computer Vision APIs to detect and identify the object. The app is only available to select organizations and they can fill this form to request an invitation.

I Lazy To Read

I Lazy To Read auto- summarizes any online article into 5 key sentences using machine learning APIs. All you have to do is paste a URL of any website.

Birthdays Reminder

Birthdays Reminder is a handy tool that will remind you about your friends’ birthdays. It’s free and lets you import data from Facebook or you can enter it manually. It is made by the same person who created Diary Email talked about above.


Lolli is a free extension that lets you earn up to 30% back in free bitcoin when you shop online at over 750 top stores.

RAWG Discover

RAWG Discover brings games discovery powered by machine learning. You get a discovery-rich list similar to popular content discovery platforms. The site lets you browse an endless flow of games and the neural network will find you more games of whatever you like.

Billion Songs

Billion Songs is a neural network trained on English articles and fine-tuned on songs so that it takes an attempt to write lyrics. Expect cheesy, repetitive lyrics or non-sensical ones. Does the same just like this Google AI that turns your selfie into poetry.


ColdSpotting is an iOS app that uses AR to visualize network signal strength. It lets you troubleshoot cellular or WiFi connections simply by walking around an area and seeing the hot and cold spots in Augmented Reality.

Clicker for Netflix

Clicker is a native Netflix player for macOS with touch bar support. Features it sports include launching from the Mac dock, you instantly resume your last played video, control from the Touch bar, Quick resume from the Menu bar, picture-in-picture mode and lots of custom preferences.

Time to Netflix and Chill.


If you have ever wondered how ATMs work?

Discovered: We bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites from all over the rabbit hole that is the internet.