Google AI Turns Your Selfie and a Single Word to Poetry

Poem Portraits

Poem PortraitsBored. How about you use your selfie and a single word of choice for art? Well, with Google AI and Poem Portraits, you can do that. Time to waste your time on the internet has never been better.

This is one among many of Google’s fun projects such as fine-art doppelgängers and 3D world heritage tours of last year.

People found their look-alike using the app that was geo-fenced to the US only but using a VPN and boom, here’s your doppelgänger!

What’s Poem Portraits about?

According to Es Devlin, a London-based artist and stage designer, Poem Portraits is a team effort between her, Google Arts & Culture and Ross Goodwin. This is a combination of poetry, design, and machine learning. The program invites people to generate their own compositions and contribute to an evolving poem.

You  just go to where you donate a word and post an optional selfie and then wait as the Poem Portraits program figures out life and existence in general as it comes up with a stanza(it sometimes is nonsensical depending on the word you choose to donate.)

Poem Portraits  works a bit like predictive text and it doesn’t copy or rework existing phrases but uses its training material to build a complex statistical model. This is why the resulting stanza is either surprisingly poignant or incomprehensible

What’s the endgame here?

According to Es Devlin, each word you donate will be expanded into original lines of poetry by an algorithm that’s trained on millions of words of 19th-century poetry.

Poem Portraits is so addictive that you can spend hours upon hours donating normal and strange words to the program and you definitely can’t stop.

Go check it out and try not to ruin the whole poem for future’s sake.

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