Apple Increases Cellular Download Limit for Apps and Files

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We have relatively large apps on mobile app stores and it is safer to download via Wi-Fi. This is to prevent depleting your mobile data allowance which is usually not as ‘unlimited’ as Wi-Fi.

Well there is good news for iOS users in this front. Well, Apple has decided to up the cellular download limit for iPhone and iPad users. This has been increased from 150MB to 200MB. This means that now you can download more apps, games, iTunes Store films, video podcasts and more thanks to the new allowance.

If you think about, that limit was silly since there are some people who live in countries with unlimited LTE and others live where you can get substantial data caps for cheap. It is also silly since it would have been better implemented if iOS users got a warning first then add a ‘continue download’ button if they so wish to download the app with their cellular data.

The last time Apple increased the cellular app data download limit was in September 2017 where they increased it from 100MB to 150MB. Slow but sure progress in that form.

There used to be a workaround for iOS users to download files larger than 150MB. What they did is switch off Wi-Fi, locate the app in the App Store that exceeded the 150 MB limit, dismiss the alert, go to date & time settings and turn off set automatically, manually set the date to the future then head back to the app store and retry the download.