Discovered: Twitter for Introverts, Airnbnb but for Rooftops, Tabtation, Collect, NoFilter, Maplist Beta


The internet can be a very interesting place if you know where to look at. Discovered will do the digging and bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites so you don’t have to.

Some of this week’s finds will be productive tools and others genuinely interesting and will be fun to try out or waste your afternoon scrolling through what they offer.

Have a look at them:


Stream is Twitter for introverts as it is a dedicated app for your drafts. Twitter can be sometimes be intimidating for introverts. Stream is a micro-journaling iOS app where you get to save your most important thoughts and ideas if you don’t feel like sharing them out to the public. To save a thought, just send yourself a message. The thoughts can then be shared to Twitter if you get to your extrovert phase.

The app has an interesting UI that’s inviting to add your thoughts. According to the developer, an Android version is in the works.

The app isn’t limited to introverts, it can be so much fun to jot down your random thoughts too.

All your notes are stored offline on your phone and only analytics are stored on a remote database.


Collect by WeTransfer is an Android and iOS app is for you if text yourself interesting stuff, write weird notes to yourself or take a lot of screenshots. The app organizes your ideas as you can save content from across your apps, bringing it together for your friends, team or keep them for yourself more like Pinterest for Introverts, LOL.

The Rooftop

The Rooftop is Airbnb-isque platform that lets people turn their rooftops into restaurants. They connect hosts with top private and restaurant chefs that create custom menus for guests. You then make a reservation just as you would for a restaurant so you get to enjoy breathtaking view of your city while you have dinner.

Here’s an interesting story to give you an idea.

Maplist Beta

Maplist Beta is a platform where you get to explore community-created maps. They are organized by category similar to Reddit(Its tagline is Reddit for maps) such as the best Instagram spots, restaurants, tea shops plus more.

You can co-create public maps to earn karma, save your favorite maps in one place, interact with pins, comments, and upvotes plus you get to explore new niched communities.

The UI style look s great with the combination of emoji and rounded rectangles plus the bold font.

A similar project is Hoodmaps.


If you’re one of those people with the ‘Too Many Tabs Syndrome’, then this extension is for you. Tabtation is an extension to help you manage your tabs. The tabs are organized in the Tabtation Bar based on the domains of all the currently open web sites and apps.

You can get other alternative tab management Chrome extensions here.


MiniBite makes calorie tracking fun by gamifying nutrition tracking and exercise. Players raise a MiniMonster by logging food, exercise, and water so that you can defend Minihaven from the evil dragons and its adorably cute. Keep yourself healthy, keep your MiniMonster healthy.

Outmuscle Me

Doing physical exercise can be hard if you lack motivation? Outmuscle Me wants you to challenge yourself to stick to a routine by involving friends and competing with them in a fun way. Try it here.


This platform (an Android and iOS app) is for frequent travelers or photographers. NoFilter shows you the best photo locations(1500+) around the world so you can discover all the amazing corners of the places you visit. You get details of the exact location of where a photo was taken and the settings of the camera that took that shot and you also create collections for creative inspiration.


Superbar supercharges your Mac menubar. The macOS menubar app allows you to bring snippets, open bookmarks to your default browser(to keep browsers clear of bookmark bars ), run apps or system commands into an easy to access spot on your menubar.


Bloom is a free and open source Google. It’s a repository of open source Google products alternatives from Drive, Contacts, Arcade, Music to Notes and Gallery. Check it out here.

Discovered: We bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites from all over the rabbit hole that is the internet.